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ACQUITTAL FOR PROSECUTED MILITANTS! - We defend the right to struggle and to organized political activity!
Using the pandemic as a pretext, one of the first fronts opened by the system of exploitation and its government against the people and youth was the one of democratic rights.
The communist Abimael Guzmán (Gonzalo) passed away on September 11, 2021.
Gonzalo was born in 1934. The financial background of his father, who raised him, enabled him to pursue an academic career and to take up the chair of Philosophy at San Cristóbal National University in Ayacucho in 1962. From his student years he has also encountered and studied the ideas of Marxism.
No to the anticommunist “Holy Inquisition”! Solidarity to the Peruvian communists! Hand over the body of Abimael Guzman to his comrades!
The death of the imprisoned leader of the Peruvian communist party, was the result of a slow and torturous extermination policy imposed by all the oligarchy governments, with the assistance of the USA, from his arrest to today, a total of 29 years
On the death of Mikis Theodorakis
Mikis Theodorakis, who lived for nearly a century, breathed his last on Thursday 2 September at the age of 96. A century full of struggles, wars, proud victories and unbearable defeats for our people, who attempted the most important steps so far for their emancipation and liberation from the formal and actual conquerors and their local collaborators.
CPG(m-l) denounces the assassinations of revolutionary artists in the Philippines
On August 16, the revolutionary painter Ka Parts Bagani was assassinated in cold blood by the Philippines’ military and police. On August 20, another revolutionary artist, Kerima Lorena Tariman (Ka Ella), was also assassinated in a conflict between the NPA and fascist military forces.
Solidarity with Abimael Guzman (Chairman Gonzalo)
Within July, the imprisoned leader of the Communist Party of Peru, Abimael Guzman (Gonzalo) at an advanced age, and after 29 years in solidarity confinement, suffered a heart attack.
Afghanistan and the peoples of the region lie within the vortex of imperialist antagonisms - What is at stake is that the peoples struggle and win!
The failure of the US to establish a strong occupying state in Afghanistan, which would serve its interests in the country and its warlike conquest ambitions in that strategically important region, has been manifested in the most dramatic way during this last period.
Women’s murders and rapes - The answer is the struggle for emancipation
Demonstrations were held over the last days in Athens and other cities, protesting against the latest violent incidents against women. Our organization participated and stressed that the struggle for women’s rights and against sexual abuse is an indispensable part of the struggle against oppression and exploitation of the capitalist system.
Freiheit für Palästina! Solidarität mit dem palästinensischen Volk!
Ein neuer barbarischer blutiger Angriff des zionistisch-faschistischen Staates Israels wurde gegen das palästinensische Volk gestartet.
18 Mayıs 1973'te işkenceyle  faşist Türk devleti tarafından katledilişinin 48. yıldönümünde İbrahim Kaypakkaya'nın anısını onurlandırıyoruz, devrim, sosyalizm ve komünizm mücadelemizde anısını yaşatacağımızı ilan ediyoruz.
Solidarity with the Palestinian people! Victory to their struggle!
Another bloody attack was unleashed by the Zionist-fascist state of Israel against the Palestinian people. Bombings with hundreds of casualties are followed by threats of army incursions, announcing in advance even greater massacres.
Solidaritet popullit shqiptar! Vrasjet gjakftohte nuk e mbrojne shendetin public
Me d. 9/12 ne shqiperi policia vrau me gjakftohtesi 25 vjecarin Klodjan Rasha. Policia e qelloi ne shpatull dhe ne koke, sepse shkeli ndalim-qarkullimin e nates si mase e ndermare kunder covid 19. Menjehere u krijua skenari per ti dhene lehtesime policies per vepren qe kryen,qe sipas tyre klodiani mbante nje armed he ishte kercenim, por e vetmja gje qe mbante ishte nje shishe uje. Arsyeja pse doli nga shtepia dhe ku donte te shkonte skane aspak rendesi, asnje arsye nuk mund te justifikoje vrasjen e tij.
Crackdown and state terrorism all over Greece, on the pretext of demonstrations in memory of the murdered student, Alexis Grigoropoulos
Today, on December 6th 2020, 12 years have passed since the murder of the 15 year-old student Alexis Grigoropoulos, who was shot dead by the police officer Korkoneas, under the state's responsibility. This murder didn't only shake Greece, but peoples all around the globe.
The people’s militant forces defied the ban
Whatever the system of exploitation, suppression and imperialist dependence does, whatever its servants do, in the government or not, the spirit of the uprising is alive. And the ban of the 47th anniversary will forever weigh on the lumbar-bellied politicians of the capital and the NATO-USA murderers.
30-31 Mayıs’ta YKP (m-l) MK Yunanistan Komünist Partisi (marksist-leninist) Merkez Komitesinin kararı
30-31 Mayıs’ta YKP (m-l) MK (Yunanistan Komünist Partisi (marksist-leninist) Merkez Komitesi), pandeminin doruk noktasına ulaşması ile değişiklikleri ve önceki duruma eklenen verileri gelişmelere göre, sözde normalliğe geri dönüşten sonra açılan dönemde, uluslararası ve ülkedeki oluşan durumu değerlendirmek için toplandı. Burada biçimlenen temel değerlendirme ve kararlar aşağıdadır.
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